The church of St Andrew’s North Burlingham is a beautiful place of worship of many generations and sits today on the edge of the lovely Burlingham Woods. Unfortunately the congregation for worship has diminished over the last few years and the church was kept locked for most of the time.

All that is now changing!

The church is open from morning to dusk by an automated locking system and visitors can now enjoy this medieval building with its angel roof.

We are in the process now of beginning a project to provide a WC and an area for refreshments for people using the church and those passing by on the woodland walks.

We are also going to alter the internal layout of the Nave so that, instead of fixed pews, we will have seats. This means that the space can be used for some many different kinds of worship and community activities. The heating system will also be replaced.

All of this takes time, resources and most of all funding. We will apply for external grants but we will ask the local community if they can help as well.

Watch this space !!!
Project plan